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Sensational Math™ Hands-On Tally Marks™ Class Set

Product Number: PC-626678
The Classic Number & Counting Tool Made to Last!Sensational Math™ Hands-On Tally Marks™ resemble those hand-made popsicle...



The Classic Number & Counting Tool Made to Last!

Sensational Math™ Hands-On Tally Marks™ resemble those hand-made popsicle stick tally mark manipulatives teachers have been making for years but are made of sturdy, color-coded, molded plastic. With three tally mark styles of ones, fives and tens, these hands-on teaching aids are ready-to-use for the endless supply of math lessons teachers already use every day. The perfect size, these manipulatives are all 3.75” high. The ones .375” wide, fives 2.25” wide and tens 4.5” wide. We included a full-color teaching guide with tips and suggested lessons. The set comes in 4-color box with plastic storage tray to keep everything organized.

With so many K-2 classrooms using tally mark activities in their math lessons, we also created a class set that provides oodles of Sensational Math™ Tally Marks™ for whole class activity.

For centers, individualized instruction and small-group learning we have created 3 sets of full-color activity cards at 3 levels; Kindergarten, 1st Grade & 2nd Grade. These activities are self-checking and aligned to standards.

Includes: Molded Plastic Tally Marks 120 each Tens, 240 each Fives, 240 each Ones, & teacher’s guide


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